Trying to improve your overall census or launching a new facility?
Need a new marketing strategy to achieve expectations?

Our marketing services are based on the importance of fully understanding your facility and goals for a marketing strategy that delivers.

We learn in detail about your mission, goals, budgets, staff, and facility. We also evaluate your competitors, sales process, and markets. We apply this knowledge to identify ways to tackle immediate problems and enhance future revenue opportunities with a marketing plan that is feasible and cost effective. As a result, our recommendations for your facility are based on a clear understanding of your expectations and the market conditions to achieve your goals, combined with our many years of strategic marketing experience.

Public Relations

Lead Generation:
Age, disability and income qualified leads are generated through a combination of public relations, direct mail, workshops, and media campaigns.

Lead Follow-up:
Generation of leads through extensive telemarketing representing the facility appropriately, particularly in a competitive market.

Lead Conversion:
Identifying prospect needs and translating facility benefits so that the prospect understands how their needs can be met.

Resident Retention:
With attrition rates sometimes ranging from 15 to 50 percent of total reservations, maintaining existing reservations as well as generating additional sales.

Initial Review:
Review and comment on the architectural plans, site, and proposed services and amenities packages.

Absorption Rate:
Project the reservation and move-in rates. A reliable absorption pace is the basis for planning, promotional, staffing, and operational costs and time frames.

Task Schedule:
Documenting list of the tasks and initiatives to be undertaken during marketing planning, marketing start-up, and marketing implementation.

Task Budget:
Identifying costs associated with each task line item from the schedule. This enables the client to plan, prepare for, and control the costs of the marketing effort, in whole or in part.

Communications Plan:
Creating a media plan describing the components for the promotional strategy including developing of the themes, copy, and layouts.

Reservation Agreement:
Develop contracts which cover both the necessary resident and operational conditions, that also have marketing appeal, so to facilitate the selling process and speed the marketing pace.

Marketing Office P&Ps:
Provide the forms and systems necessary to organize a marketing office's inquiry handling, filing, agreement management, fee and/or contract deposit management, and other routine procedures.

Draft job descriptions and criteria for selection and hiring of key marketing staff.

Sales Literature:
Website design, internet marketing strategy development, electronic newspaper and print copy, literature development, media buying and advertisement placement.