Revere offers a host of market feasibility services for the post-acute, older adult and special populations. Revere can conduct an analysis to determine the potential market need for the targeted populations. This analysis can be used to help determine the potential ability of the Client and the market place to support the proposed programs.

Market Study Population Options

  • Older Adults: Active Adult and Independent Living
  • Older adults needing Assisted Living, Alzheimer's care, or Skilled Nursing
  • Young adults needing: Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI) care; housing for those with physical disabilities
  • Young adults with autism needing transitional living housing and services
  • Disabled Veterans: older and younger adults
  • At-Risk Youth

Market Research

A. Service Area Definition

Revere will define the service area(s) based on industry guidelines and a review of characteristics of the area and the drawing areas of the current site and other area providers. The definition would include our methodology for selection and a description of the geographic boundaries.

B. Demographic/Socioeconomic Analysis

Revere will supply demographic/socioeconomic information on the selected service area(s) from a host of nationally recognized firms and appropriate governmental agencies and will perform a demographic/socioeconomic analysis of the market area(s). Historical and projected trends will also be analyzed. This data will be used to characterize the target market and sub-markets, as well as to determine the demand for the proposed Project.

C. Competitive Assessment

Revere will review the overall supply of service units existing in and planned for the service area. We will also gather data on the known competitive projects.

D. Need Analysis

Revere will analyze the need for the proposed services and estimate the number of service units at the Project supported by the market. Need projections will be based on industry standards. The demand analysis will also include a brief review of the factors identified in the report that directly impact the demand calculation.