Preliminary Operating Proforma

Utilizing the definition of the projects and services, as well as our extensive, current industry experience, Revere will perform preliminary financial analysis to measure the potential financial viability of the proposed Project at the selected site, based on the Client's financial resources and development options.

In this analysis, Revere will perform the following tasks:

  • Compile a projected statement of revenues and expenses for the proposed Project through and including the first year of stabilized occupancy, utilizing industry standards to develop assumptions regarding the costs of developing and operating the proposed Project (subject to the Client's approval of these cost estimates), together with information derived from the market and consumer research about the selected service area.
  • Prepare appropriate schedules of debt service coverage and/or return of investment for the project to meet the Client's specific goals/objectives.
  • Meet with representatives of the Client to present and discuss print-out summaries of the projected statement of revenues and expenses and supporting analyses.